Actually Radiating Light



I have so much lovely paper, stashed everywhere in my house – I have to admit, I’m a paper hoarder.   Going through the stash recently,  I found a journal that I bought years ago and hadn’t been written in.  Of course it hadn’t been written in – because new journals are always too nice to write in!  I don’t want to make a mistake and mess them up!  For me, the stress level of writing in a lovely new journal is probably equal to other people getting a tattoo.  I know that sounds over the top, but the permanence is just too much to deal with.

Anyhoo, I saved it for so long that now the paper is too dried out to draw on – but never fear, it was not too dried out to make a Glittery Star Garland!

So here’s how to make a Glittery Star Garland from old paper you just can’t throw out:

1.  Cut out lots of different sized stars and embellish with gold paint or ink.

photo 3-1

2.  Sew them together – I use my very small and very inexpensive sewing machine that I love very much.  Her name is Jane.

photo 1-1

3.  Add a tag.  I used an old piece that I had saved (for years, of course) from a different project.

4.  Hang on an old piece of found wire and enjoy the shadows!



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