364 to go…

Happy New Year!  It’s pretty late on the day to be posting and that’s because as excited as I am for the possibilities of a fresh new year ahead of me, I was terrified of this post because I have entered into a pact with the devil.  Okay, it’s just a simple agreement with my daughter that we would each post a drawing a day for the next year.  The drawing has to be done in approximately 20 minutes and POSTED.  NO NOTHING but pen and paper – a little bit of tracing over is okay, but no illustrator, photoshop, excess fussing, etc.

My daughter’s drawings, over here on zrrg.wordpress.com. have a freshness and life to them that I just love and she busts them out easily and quickly in the allotted twenty minute time frame.  Over here in my corner, I could not COME UP WITH ONE DARN THING I wanted to draw.

What sounded like a lot of fun is actually nauseating for the likes of me.  Awhile ago, I realized the perfection of illustrator and the ease of the digital world, while wonderful, were killing the freshness of my work and causing endless procrastination – it’s always so easy to just “fix” that little bit, etc.

Only 364 more to go…sigh.  Although…I do have an idea for tomorrow already, so hopefully that drawing will be better.

Sooo, here is my cup.  I just have to remember that these are to loosen up –  something I apparently REALLY need to do!  I can add color tomorrow or just never deal with this drawing again!

Okay, so here I go on the terrifying adventure of posting one small drawing a day – Wish me luck!


One response to “364 to go…

  1. Wonderful step you are taking Judy…I’m looking forward to the new 364! Happy, happy new year dear one 🙂

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