1.4.15 - Wire Baskets

“Wire Baskets”   Daily Drawing #4 – 1.4.15


Doing the daily drawing for just four days now has already had a tremendous effect on me.  I get through my day doing all the things I have always done – including work, house, chores, etc., but always in the back of my mind is the knowledge that I have to actually WAKE UP and see something – see it enough to draw it, color it, somehow acknowledge its beauty and aliveness and try to do a decent job of all that in about twenty minutes.

It’s as if I can feel my brain creating new pathways and synapses – not since the iPhone and all of the fabulous technology we have now have I done something so new, fun, terrifying – something that could quite possibly change the way I think physically as well as growing as an artist.

So I continue on – starting each day with the anxiety of whathaveIgottenmyselfinto and ending with such immense satisfaction when I hit that “publish” button.  I’d like to polish and fix and work on them, but that isn’t what this is about – they can be moved out of rough draft status later.  I miss color – how to work that in?  Just a bit here and there?  Any thoughts?






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