Daily Drawing – 1/14/15


I drew a different Japanese tea kettle every day for the second week of the daily art piece, I thought it would be nice to have a set to post every few days rather than every day.   In attempt to shake my perfection demon, I drew them on printer paper (nothing fancy to stress over) with lovely micron pens, colored them in with colored pencils in deep saturated gradients and then I wrote all over the back – as in, “Oh, here’s a piece of scratch paper to write directions on.”   They were obliterated.

I wasn’t going to redraw them, because it just made me sad/angry/frustrated/sad/angry but then I was noodling around my iPad and downloaded Adobe Draw, which is a lot of fun.  Digital drawing of any sort comes with its own kind of crazy, but the inherent limitations of the app put boundaries on that kind of thing.  It is kind of straight (jacket?) drawing because unlike illustrator, there’s not much functionality to fuss with, although the art can be sent to illustrator, etc., if you want to.

So I am redrawing them and back to posting one day at a time.  I guess the lesson learned is just do the art wherever and with whatever medium and post it!!



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