Summer Solstice 2015

Solstice House

I stress about throwing out paper. I stash away envelopes, tags, useless receipts, faded postcards – always with the thought that I can reuse, repurpose, recycle.

I’m not a hoarder in any other area of my life – in fact, I’ve given away most of my furniture and belongings, but paper is special.

In its organic, basic form of trees, it literally creates the air that we breathe. Transmuted and transformed, it becomes the hard copy upon which we make the marks that encompass and encode the width and depth of our world. It breathes its life into our words, scribbles and imaginings.


Despite my full immersion into the digital world, it’s hard to imagine living without paper.  In fact, like air, it could very well be impossible to live without, at least creatively.  Just the feel, weight or color of a piece of paper can be the grounds and inspiration for an entire  project.

On a side note, it’s interesting that the word for inhaling the air that keeps us alive physically is the same word that keeps us motivated and moving forward creatively  – “inspiration”.


For summer solstice 2015, I looked around for inspiration to mark the day and while I would love to be at Stonehenge celebrating Druid style, I will – on Sunday, June 21st at 9:39 am, the exact time the sun is over the Tropic of Cancer here in Seattle – take a deep breath and (carefully!) light a candle in the tiny house I crafted from a recycled calendar, filling it with light – my way of honoring this longest, light filled day of  the year and of course, my love of paper!


Happy Summer Solstice!